The quotation “time,thou ainticipat’st my dread exploits” in my opinion this quotation means that he will have little time before time punishes him for his actions.

The book that I been reading at home is called Once by Morris gleitzman.This book is about a 12 year old boy that is an orphan in a Christian orphanage hiding from the nazis during ww2. He snuck out and ran away from the orphanage to find his mother and father. In my opinion this […]

i think that hecate is angry because Macbeth hasn’t become king just like the three witchs told him which means that they shouldn’t have told him the future

Macbeth sees Banqous ghost at important banquet and goes mental, all the lords think that he is sick

it willl have blood they say blood will have blood. This qoutation is saying the the murder will die for killing the victim which is banquo and the person the Macbeth got to kill him will die or Macbeth will die

the vision of the dagger isn’t that trustworthy because he doesn’t know if he going to do it or if it was lady Macbeth but it could be Macbeth getting killed for trying to murder the king. The quotation that I’ll will use is “it is the bloody business which informs thus to mine eyes” […]

In the film lady Macbeth was angry at Macbeth because he wasn’t going to kill king Duncan So she was telling him what he could be rewarded with if he does kill the king she was acting in a aggressive about the whole situation the quotation that I’m going to use is “but screw your […]

Lady Macbeth is arguing with Macbeth and telling him about the if it plan fails and if they get caught killing the king which is high treason and they might get exucuted for doing the crime but Macbeth wants to do it but he doesn’t have courage to do but he does want to be […]

In my opinion the fiction text/books are mostly for little children but non-fiction is for older people because they can learn form them. The main character in the film is eggsy because he is a really likeable character and is really kind to other but if you get on the wrong side of him, he […]

Lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is a weak person and not man enough the quotation that I’ll use is “Art thou without ambition … wouldst not play false” this show that Macbeth will take all the measure to do what Macbeth can’t do.